Power Protection and Management for Server Rooms

Cable management Maintenance Bypass Tower/rackmount UPS Modular, three-phase UPS Rack power module Rackmount UPS Power Management Software Environmental monitoring Modular UPS bus bar Rackmount PDU Cybersecure network card Converged Infrastructure
Overhead cable tray
Eaton offers cost-effective options for rack cable management (RCM-plus) for network closet and server applications. The RCM-plus solution provides greater network rack density with increased cable capacity. Learn More
Eaton Bypass Power Module (BPM)
Compatible with Eaton 9PXM, 9170+, 9155 and 8-10 kVA 9PX UPS models, the Eaton Bypass Power Module (BPM) acts as both a maintenance bypass and a panelboard. Learn More
Eaton 9PXM UPS
A scalable, flexible UPS with optimal energy efficiency and easy monitoring, you can quickly deploy the Eaton 9PXM in your server room as a tower or rackmount UPS. Learn More
Eaton BladeUPS
A three-phase, scalable and modular UPS for high density computing environments, including virtualized or machine learning IT applications. Learn More
Eaton Rack Power Module
Providing up to 36 kW of power without the need for a dedicated infrastructure cabinet, the Eaton Rack Power Module (RPM) simplifies data center power distribution. Learn More

Rackmount UPS
From smaller 1U rackmount UPSs to larger models with extended battery runtime capabilities, Eaton has a full suite of rackmount UPSs. Learn More
Power Management Software
Our Power Management software provides all the tools you need to manage, monitor and control the power devices in your physical or virtual data center. Learn More
Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) Gen 2
Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) Gen 2 enables you to collect temperature and humidity readings in rack enclosures and monitor environmental data remotely using Eaton's power monitoring solutions or a standard web browser. Learn More
Modular UPS bus bar
Easily self-install new paralleled modular UPS units to keep up with your data center needs. Learn More
Eaton Rackmount PDU
Eaton rackmount PDUs deliver best-in-class capabilities like patented IEC outlet grip plug retention, advanced LCD pixel screens and power consumption measurement at the outlet level. With all the features you have come to expect from Eaton G3 rack PDUs, the new HD rack PDUs offer additional benefits with configurability, improved outlet counts and color options. Learn More

Eaton Gigabit Network Card (NETWORK-M2) 
The first UPS connectivity device to meet both UL 2900-1 and IEC 62443-4-2 cybersecurity standards, the Eaton Gigabit Network Card is Eaton’s latest UPS network management card. With better speed and cybersecurity, the Gigabit Network Card improves business continuity by providing warnings of pending issues to administrators and helping to perform orderly shutdown of servers and storage. Learn More
Converged Infrastructure
Eaton is the crucial fifth element of converged infrastructure. Our industry leading solutions provides unprecedented control against damage and power anomalies. Learn More

Everyone counts on you to keep them up and running. Eaton provides a total power management solution for your physical servers, and if you’ve gone, or plan on going virtual, we integrate seamlessly into the top virtualization platforms. Check out our array of products or contact us. An Eaton representative is ready to help you find your ideal solution.