Site Assessment

Let an Eaton power expert assess your site — at no cost to you

Power, protect, distribute, manage…do you have all your IT ducks in a row? If you’re looking to update your power infrastructure, or simply want to confirm that your IT environment is ready for anything, we can suggest a great first step. Start with Eaton’s online Site Assessment checklist. It will guide you through the requirements and architecture to help target your needs.

Then schedule a free onsite power audit with an Eaton specialist and get an expert point of view. Just like your IT environment, our experts pretty much never sleep. So whenever you’re ready to create the total power solution that works for you, we’ll be ready to help.

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  • Help define your needs using quick online questions about your environment
  • Schedule your free onsite power audit with an Eaton expert
  • Discuss challenges and goals; get recommendations; consult on implementation
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