Airflow Management

Let Eaton help you keep your cool

Our unparalleled selection of airflow management solutions leads the industry in efficiency, predictability and scalability. No matter what your data center needs are we can customize a solution just for you.

Contain the heat and extract it directly back to the CRAC with our patented off-set Heat Containment System (HCS) or our straight Telescopic Chimney (TC). Our aisle containment solutions include a variety of Aisle Ceilings and overhead vertical wall systems, Aisle Ducts and End of Row Doors that allow you to alleviate the oversupply of cool air in the data center and increase individual rack capacity.

Going beyond the rack and row you can implement room-based airflow management solutions to further enhance the efficiency and predictability of your data center.

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  • Modular solutions for existing and new data center environments
  • Multi-vendor compatible
  • Scalable designs reduce CRAC costs up to 35%
  • Separates hot exhaust from cold supply air
  • Managed cooling capacity reduces operational costs
Success Stories

Eaton’s solutions are projected to save the company up to 30 percent on cooling. Additionally, based on CFD data, Harris was able to reduce its CRAH and CRAC distribution profile, leading to additional cost savings
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