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Closet Cleaning Guide

A clean, organized network closet keeps hardware healthy. And that keeps you happy. So follow this checklist regularly for stunning results.


Wipe out the prime cause of media errors.

Dust, dirt and chemical residue wreak havoc on data storage hardware. And media errors can cost $50,000 per Megabyte. So clean floor surfaces and equipment surfaces at least quarterly, if not more. Caked-on grime can impede UPS fans and cause damage to electronics boards. A simple wipe down with a static-free, lint-free cloth will help.


Avoid shocks to your system.

Carpeting is very bad for reasons above. But more so because of static. Install a static-dissipative VCT vinyl tile over hard flooring to solve both problems. You want 30%-40%, relative humidity to dissipate static. Close vents in and out of your server room to help your AC control the environment. Never aim AC output directly at network gear (fluctuations are too extreme).

Cable chaos

Unmanaged cabling is a hot topic.

Clusters of cabling obstruct cool, dry air from reaching your equipment. And heat is one of the biggest threats to servers and network gear. So arrange cable trunks in manageable bundles along rack framing. Use Velcro® cable straps instead of zip-ties, as they can be easily moved and don’t pinch or stress the cable jacket. While you’re organizing your cables, check fittings for tight connections.

Rack layout

Organized equipment is happy equipment.

Continually assess and evaluate your setup of server, switch and storage components as well as the power infrastructure, cabling, and environmental equipment. When adding or replacing equipment, balance your hardware within the rack – with the heaviest and most power-dense equipment (UPS, battery modules) at the bottom. U-space that’s not filled should be populated with blanking panels for improved airflow.

Health check

Take charge of your UPS batteries.

Keep a routine eye on UPS capacity and battery health. Batteries are the number one cause of UPS failure. And heat is the number one threat to battery life. So keep batteries cool, run routine self-tests and regularly check batteries for signs of swelling or damage. Replace them after four years no matter what.


Give yourself room to work.

Many network closets started as actual closets, so space is always at a premium. Eliminate everything that is not bolted down. No empty containers. No spare monitors. No tools. No toys. Nothing. A spotlessly clean data center closet will make it easier to maintain your equipment and it will make audits and inspections go much more smoothly.

Your boss & yourself

Take care of what really matters.

All bosses like it when you protect their investments. And everyone wants a happy boss. But what’s equally important is a happy you. Data closets generally have a higher concentration of dust, fumes and ambient noise than any other place in an office. And all of those things cause you stress. A clean, well organized data closet will keep you in a happier place.

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