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Job efficiency top ten list

Ten things IT pros can do to get through an “average” day.

You, the experienced IT pro, have been at it for an average of 10 years. Every day, an average of four dozen emails arrive in your mailbox. You support an average of 50 users. And when you’re not busy changing passwords and closing tickets (most common tasks on average), you could be retrieving a deceased squirrel from the server room. Our survey confirms this data.

So how do you keep going day after day? Here’s a helpful list of things top IT pros do to get the job done.

  1. Drink four cups of coffee a day. Energy drinks and caffeinated sodas count.
  2. Take some me time. Jump on your favorite app. Jam to some tunes. Read the Top Ten Water Cooler Posts in Spiceworks or create a caption on Eaton’s caption creator.
  3. Spare yourself the task of learning new and different programs by using Intelligent Power Manager Software that integrates with leading virtualization platforms and allows you to perform critical tasks like moving virtual machines within VMware vCenter in case of an outage.
  4. Learn how to say “No.” Pointer: Don’t respond right away – they’ll probably figure out how to plug it in on their own.
  5. Use your calendar to protect your time. Books meetings with yourself to get important stuff done.
  6. Check our IT Hacks eBook for inspiration.
  7. Admit you can’t possibly have every answer. Jump on Spiceworks, forums and YouTube for support.
  8. Use technology that helps eliminate time-killers and – way worse – downtime. Like Eaton's new rack PDU platform that prevents accidental plug disconnects.
  9. Document everything. The few seconds it takes could save you hours down the road.
  10. Create a good disaster avoidance plan. And – above all else – always have a disaster recovery plan.
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