What can "Black Mirror" teach us about the perils and promise of technology?

Posted by Benjamin Gran on August 25, 2015

“Black Mirror” is a British sci-fi show (available on Netflix) that has become popular in America. Best described as like "Twilight Zone for the 21st Century," it explores how our modern society relates to technology. Each episode depicts characters dealing with a unique problem, and tends to have surprise twists and shocking endings.

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Hide & Seek, IT Style: Play 'Where's That Duck?'

Posted by Eaton on July 30, 2015

Ready to blow off some steam and play a little hide and seek, IT style? In 'Where's That Duck?', the latest/greatest from Eaton, we're challenging you to search IT environments to find your favorite Eaton desk toys who have gone into hiding. Read on to learn more about how to play, and the daily chances to win a variety of prizes

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Phoenix data center moonlights as hot yoga studio

Posted by Eaton on March 26, 2015

Phoenix, AZ – A local marketing communications company has been experimenting with an innovative new business model for the past eighteen months. The business’s data center has been a hidden gym to the yogis of Phoenix.

Two years ago the marketing company’s  IT manager, Del Griffith, had aspirations to refresh the data center and go completely virtual. The company was facing a change in senior management, and in the midst of the company facelift, IT was the last in line...

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