Case Studies

TriRivers Health Partners

TriRivers is an innovative healthcare IT organization with multiple data center locations. A collaborative venture between two groups, TriRivers supports over 5000 users across more than 50 locations. The shared data facility also provides organizations with reliable, HIPPA compliant, centralized storage of electronic health records for enhanced patient security, convenience and productivity. Speed and reliability are critical to patient safety and the organization can’t afford downtime — even for maintenance.

As the core of its new scalable, centralized power system, TriRivers chose the Eaton 9390 UPS to protect its critical equipment and applications from power outages and confidential information breaches. Learn more about how Eaton’s end-to-end power quality and distribution equipment, server enclosures, and power management software, combined to increase TriRiver’s efficiency and safeguard their data.