Inside the Mind of Today's CIO

Posted by David Chernicoff on July 24, 2012

The landscape of corporate IT is constantly evolving, and change may be the only constant. I recently read InformationWeek's Global CIO 2012 Survey, which collected information from more than 200 CIOs. The thirty-page document is an interesting read and may provide some insight into the way that you and your IT personnel are currently doing business.

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The Week’s Top IT Stories: 7/20

Posted by Eaton on July 20, 2012

Every week Eaton scours the internet to bring you the top five industry headlines of the moment. This week was abuzz with rumors and speculation as we take a closer look at VMware's alleged spin-off plan, take an educated guess at Microsoft's next release date, and predict the 10 technologies that will shape the future of IT.

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