9 reasons to deploy the new High Density rack PDU

Posted by Eaton on April 10, 2019

When it comes to helping IT pros save time and money while simultaneously reducing risk, High Density (HD) rack power distribution units (PDU) pass with flying colors — which is not surprising, considering they are available in a rainbow of choices. But the option of selecting pink, green or blue is just one of numerous benefits afforded to those who choose to deploy this latest IT solution. Here are 9 reasons why the new HD rack PDU represents an excellent new tool to add to your arsenal:

Designed with your environment in mind, the HD rack PDU helps you make the choices you need to save time and money and reduce risk. 

  1. They deliver more bang for the buck. Offering more outlets than any other PDU, high-density PDUs enable customers to configure as many outlets as desired in a length that fits their rack size. Even more, Eaton’s HD PDU provides the option of mixing and matching 10 available outlet modules to achieve as many as 54 outlets or as few as 24.

  2. They are highly configurable. Built on the latest technology platform, HD rack PDU let customers design and build their own customized PDU — right down to its own unique SKU. Eaton customers can also mix and match IEC and NEMA outlets across two configurable PDU outlet modules; configure the cord entry position and input cord length; and select the receptacles that match specific equipment plugs — saving time and providing a seamless box-to-rack transition.

  3. Did we mention the cool colors? HD rack PDUs add a pop of color to gray and white space environments. Eaton offers the choice of 11 chassis colors that enable instant identification of A or B source electrical feeds. Aesthetic appeal aside, the color-coded alternating phase outlets also help prevent potential overloads and simplify maintenance procedures, while reducing cord clutter. Used in conjunction with color-matching power cords, the PDU makes it easy to trace source power feeds directly to IT equipment.

  4. No more tripped breakers. Because high density rack PDUs feature alternating phases outlet-by-outlet (rather than per branch), each color-coded outlet corresponds to a circuit breaker that provides an immediate visual identification of potential unequal power distribution. Load balancing has never been so easy!

  5. They’re great for multiple applications. In addition to data center applications, the HD rack PDU represents an ideal solution for customers with unique input plug and outlet count requirements. From server room/network closet consolidations to high-powered enclosures to colocation environments, the PDU affords exceptional flexibility.

  6. Meticulous metering. Because the HD rack PDUs meter power at the outlet level, customers can measure the precise current or amount of power each device is consuming. This data can then be used to drive actions such as load balancing, performance monitoring, power billing and calculating Level 3 PUE. The PDUs’ current alarms also offer the ability to monitor devices to ensure they are plugged in and powered on.

  7. They can take the heat. Unlike other brands, the HD rack PDU has been UL-tested to operate in environments as high as 140° F (60°C) with no power derating required, ensuring high reliability in high-power density, hot aisle containment and other heat-generating applications.

  8. Multiple mounting options. Looking for flexibility in your PDU installation? No problem! The back of the HD rack PDU includes pre-installed mounting buttons that allows it to slide directly into any industry-standard PDU mounting bracket. In addition, mounting holes on the side can be utilized for 90-degree side mounting, where outlets face the rear of the enclosure to prevent interference in the rail space. The PDUs also support clip feet mounting, as well as provide configurable power cord entry to accommodate various mounting situations and eliminate interference in height-restricted rack enclosures.

  9. Modules are hot-swappable. The HD rack PDU’s network communications module can be removed and swapped out while the rest of the unit is still operational, eliminating downtime due to routine maintenance or component failure.

Are you ready to deploy?

Offer your customers more control over their power distribution with the ultra-configurable HD rack PDU. Check out the online configurator to see how easy it is to build a PDU with a unique SKU and even request a 3D drawing.

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