Three More Megatrends in the IT World

Posted by Melissa Tamberg on November 15, 2012


When you consider Moore’s Law — which proposes that hardware computing capacity doubles approximately every 18 months — it’s no wonder today’s technology is evolving so quickly! As one movement gains momentum, it tends to set off a chain reaction of corresponding drives for efficiency, as evidenced by some of the biggest trends currently occurring in the IT world. Here’s a few that we’ve got our pulse on:


1. Desktop virtualization will become more widely adopted. Unlike server virtualization, many of the benefits of desktop virtualization are soft and can’t be easily quantified in dollars. Add to that the fact that desktop virtualization requires either significant changes to an existing infrastructure or the implementation of a new one, and it’s understandable that adoption rates have been slower.  Yet, with an increasing focus on the end user — and the need to provide access to data and applications in the office, at home, and on the road — the market is beginning to ask, what really is a desktop? Is it a physical device or simply an operating system? A virtual desktop allows a customized Windows desktop to be accessed from almost any device with just an Internet connection — and that’s something end users will applaud. Look for higher adoption rates in 2012.


2. Business intelligence and Big Data. An increased emphasis on business intelligence and analytics is prompting IT decision-makers to consider infrastructure requirements for Big Data — data sets that grow too large to be effectively managed with standard tools. Because data sets are growing exponentially, it has become more difficult for companies to analyze them. Yet this vast pool of information is necessary for businesses to make statistically based decisions to maximize profits and drive efficiencies. Therefore, expect investments this year in hardware and software infrastructure to better house, manage and analyze Big Data.


3. Massive storage growth. Big Data not only needs to be managed and analyzed, it also needs to be protected. That’s why storage efficiency is another trend taking center stage this year. Many IT organizations will invest in unified data storage platforms to replace different arrays for SAN and NAS functions. Other storage transformations on the horizon include SSD and Flash technologies being combined with SATA disk so performance and capacity are not fully linked; block-level data deduplication becoming a requirement on unified storage arrays; and the standardization of application aware data protection tools.


 What IT trends have you activated in your organization?


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