How technology companies can retain more female employees

Posted by Benjamin Gran on May 24, 2016

Tech companies are in a constant battle to find and retain great talent - so that makes it even more important to take a closer look at retention policies that affect women. According to this article in TechCrunch, women in computing jobs are especially likely to leave their jobs when they have reached the mid-level point, and teams with diverse mixes of men and women are more likely to be successful than teams that consist of mostly men. Many tech companies need to re-think the way they hire, recruit, retain and promote women to leadership roles to make sure they have a diverse workforce where talented people can feel comfortable and valued, whether they're women or men.

Here are a few key ways for tech companies to retain more female employees:

Ensure Equal Pay
One of the pervasive problems of the U.S. workforce is that women often do not get paid as much money as men – even for doing the same work. Tech companies should conduct regular audits of their salary scales and compensation structures to make sure women and men are being paid fairly and equally, without any bias (intentional or otherwise).

Create Transparency in Promotions
What does it take to get ahead at your company? Do employees really understand the exact requirements to get promoted or advance from within the company, or is it unclear? Often, when companies do not have clear processes and standards in place to qualify for promotions, this creates the opportunity for bias – which typically results in fewer women being promoted.

Offer Mentorship Opportunities
One challenge that many women in tech tend to face is that there are few women in higher level leadership positions, which makes it more difficult for women to get networking, mentorship and advice to help them advance in their careers. If you haven't already, consider offering some additional networking and mentorship opportunities within your company and encourage women to participate.

Many of these steps are not about creating a company culture that is more “women-friendly,” per se – it's about creating a company culture that values all the contributions of its people, and that is welcoming, transparent and fair for everyone. But companies that retain and promote more women tend to be better places for everyone to work – and they tend to get better results.

For more about this topic, check out this article in TechCrunch.

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