Debunking 4 Dangerous Delusions Around Converged Infrastructure

Posted by Jeff Kennedy on February 1, 2017

There’s no denying the unmistakable allure of converged infrastructure (CI). With advantages like faster and simpler deployment, lower costs, and enhanced agility, it’s no wonder the technology has the IT world buzzing.


But a word of warning for IT managers who don’t want to get stung:  Be sure your CI is backed by a reliable power protection solution.


CIs are so inherently resilient that many IT professionals mistakenly believe that the solutions can be safely operated without an uninterruptible power system (UPS).  Unfortunately, that is a not the case. Here, we delve into four dangerous delusions that may keep your CI from thriving.


Delusion #1:  A power loss won’t affect my VMs.

Power protection plays a critical role in automatically triggering virtual machine migration processes during utility outages.  As flexible as CIs are, they still require some direction — and will execute automated failover routines only when informed to do so.  During a power outage, network-connected UPSs can provide that information by notifying downstream devices that power is not available. Without UPSs, technicians must initiate the VM transfer process manually —which is much slower and far less reliable. 


Delusion #2:  My solution’s failover features will kick in.

Failover features can’t function without electrical power. Even the most sophisticated CI solutions are not able to transfer virtual machines instantaneously. Completing the migration process requires time — a luxury that is unavailable during a blackout. As a result, during a loss of power, a CI’s failover capabilities become virtually useless unless a UPS is present to facilitate the needed backup.


Delusion #3:  My CI equipment doesn’t need protection.

Like all IT equipment, CIs are vulnerable to power spikes and other electrical disturbances.  The hardware in converged infrastructure is susceptible to serious damage by transients, fluctuation and other power impurities unless safeguarded by a UPS.


Delusion #4:  Clean power isn’t vital for my CI solution.

Power supplies and PFC solutions used by many CI offerings require clean power to ensure optimal performance.  Attaching a UPS with power conditioning features means that your servers, storage and networking equipment will be properly shielded from potentially harmful electrical conditions, while receiving continuous, clean power.


Don’t be left in the dark with your CI solution. Learn more by reading this white paper.

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