The Anti-Productivity Files: Fighting Lost Time in the Cloud

Posted by James O'Brien on October 17, 2013

If the sheer number and variety of cloud services that businesses use are wasting valuable man hours and leaving IT pros dissatisfied, isn't it time to do something about it?


A recent study by Osterman Research, distributed by Hightail, tells us the scale and the scope of the situation: 73% of the companies polled log into more than one cloud-storage service in a day, but only 19% of those surveyed said they were happy with their cloud-storage model.


What's more, one third of the polled IT managers and CIOs said that employees were losing files among the many storage sites and methods that they use, and 89% of them spent at least 30 minutes per day searching for the files among those systems.


Clearly, some solutions are needed. Time and resources, they're going down the drain. Here's what Matte Scheinker, chief product officer at Hightail, suggests can stop the outflow:


Time and Resources: Plugging the Drain


Better Cloud Practices: In the near future, smart cloud-service providers will adopt a "cloudnostic" approach to file sharing and storage, says Scheinker. This should allow professionals to quickly access content regardless of where it is stored. For now, companies can avoid wasting time by choosing a main repository. And employees need to give files detailed names to make it easier to find the right one.


Cloud Insecurity: Businesses shouldn't compromise security for a cloud-storage provider that is not up to standard. Doing so forces IT to waste time worrying about the security of files, when admins could be using that time to get more done. (Among the polled IT admins, 62% are worried about security and cloud implementation. And that means time spent on security-related tasks that might otherwise be put toward business development.)


E-mail Isn't a Cloud Solution: Employees should think of email as temporary storage, only. At the end of each day, they should clean out their inbox and save the most up-to-date attachments in the cloud for future reference. Also, take advantage of add-ins offered by cloud services, such as auto-upload features.


Pick a Winner in the Storage Wars: Cloud services are a staple in today’s workforce, which means businesses have a wide variety of choices when it comes to picking a file-sharing or cloud-collaboration service. At this stage, business leaders need to work with IT to focus on products that provide exceptional user experience and unlimited storage.


In the end, Scheinker emphasizes, the best solution will be one that frees up IT to do more exciting and envelope-pushing work.


"While the storage battle continues, most cloud-collaboration companies are continuing to ignore what users really need: a great user experience, unlimited storage and universal access," says Scheinker. "Employees shouldn’t have to convince their IT department to provide a solution that works for both parties. They need a solution that they love and IT trusts."

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