Is Your Business Ready for iOS 7?

Posted by Bill Kolbenschlag on July 23, 2013

Apple's iOS 7 is coming this fall with a radically overhauled interface, transparent animations, and a new control center. It's going to force a lot of companies to make some changes and get employees up to speed. We're still waiting for a lot of details to leak before the anticipated September launch date, but it's never too early to start examining how your business can start preparing for such a massive update.


Find out more about iOS 7 and the updates it offers.

The first step executives can take to get ready for iOS 7 is to research the update and learn more about what will change and how it will affect businesses. In an article for Tech Radar, Gareth Beavis details the upgrades that iOS 7 is expected to bring. The first main difference, according to Beavis, is that the design will undergo a major overhaul to create "a greater synergy between hardware and software design."


Perhaps of more interest to IT professionals, however, are the internal aspects. According to Beavis, these new features will include: a new control center with a slew of options; Airdrop, which will give users the ability to easily share photos, documents, files, and other content using a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; new gesture controls including "Edge Swipe", "Corner Swipe" and "Press-and-Hold"; a more visual multi-tasking feature; no more Siri; and a Safari update that will change the size of the URL bar and the look of the bookmarks section.


These are only some of the changes that can be expected, and more may be announced soon. So be sure to keep researching until iOS 7 is released.


Ask questions to determine how your business can adapt.

Matt Hudson, a mobile developer and creator of VoteRockit, has been working on iOS 7 for various companies. "There are definitely some things that businesses will need to consider for iOS 7 preparedness," he said in an email. According to Hudson some questions that should be asked and answered internally include:


  • Will I support iOS 6 going forward?
  • If I have bug fixes or updates coming out, will I be able to get them out before Apple stops accepting the iOS 6 SDK?
  • Does my app fit with the new look of iOS 7?
  • When will I start building with the new iOS 7 SDK?
  • Am I using standard controls? If not, will they automatically update with iOS 7?


Realize this update is much more drastic than iOS 6.

"The upgrade rates for iOS are fast and only getting faster," said Rajit Marwah, CEO and Co-Founder of Loop, an app that allows users to create surveys. According to Marwah, most app developers are updating or completely rewriting their apps for iOS 7.


"There are a lot of design changes and some under the hood," he explained. "With iOS 6, 25 percent upgraded within the first 48 hours, and 93 percent upgraded within the first year. So for iOS 7, apps should be ready on day one."


Apple had businesses in mind when creating iOS 7, so take advantage.

Zach Whittaker of ZDNet reports that Apple is offering up new software features with business users in mind.


"In recent years, enterprise and business users are increasingly picking up Apple products, despite the company focusing more on the consumer market," Whittaker writes. "And now for the first time, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) users are also recognized, keeping Apple up-to-date with the current business trends."


"Managed open in", a security feature that allows for control over who can open specific documents and attachments, will help protect corporate data, and a new mobile device management (MDM) configuration will be an asset for IT administrators.


"A new MDM protocol is included with iOS 7 in order to streamline third-party MDM solutions," continues Whittaker. "Corporate-owned devices can be automatically enrolled in an MDM solution during activation, automating much of the custom commands, fonts and wirelessly set-up managed apps."


Other business features that will create flexibility and ease-of-use include an improved mail app, enterprise single sign-on, and third-party app data protection.


Get started today.

According to Jonathan Dale, Director of Marketing at Fiberlink, iOS 7 is "the most anticipated iOS release for enterprises since iOS 4 debuted mobile device management (MDM) support." Businesses have to start getting ready now to make sure they can benefit as much as possible from the features Apple is releasing. By knowing what questions to ask, understanding the potential impact and benefits of the new operating system, and implementing a plan of action, businesses can ease the transition for both employees and customers.

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