Most get out of bed for the love of the game 30% 25% 11% 20% 14% 41.11% 35.79% 11.78% 80% reported working 40 hours or more per week Those in manufacturing reported the longest weeks, with 91% working more than 40 hours per week. Most IT pros are in for a long work day 12.68% 48.70% 20.50% 10.65% 7.47% 40-49 hours 50-60 hours 20-39 hours 0-19 hours go without sleep Section 1: Rise and grind, IT pros A look at what gets IT pros out of bed in the morning and how they feel about where they go to work every day. of IT pros love working with technology love learning new things enjoy helping others like the daily challenge are in it for the fortune and glory IT pros are wired to be optimistic 40% 30% 20% 10% Toner ink % of responses At their core, IT pros say they’re made of… Pessimism User tears Sarcasm Optimism 41.11% 35.79% 11.78% 7.59% 3.74% 0 When it comes to end-users, they’re less optimistic 89% rate their end users’ technical skills as merely “competent” or below average in tech-savviness. IT pros, you’re not alone out there. But you are in many different industries. Here’s a handful of industry-specific stats, to help you in your quest for more support, more sanity, or to help you chart your next career move. Memo: Industries at-a-glance have 16+ years of IT experience have a large on-premise environment say their oldest device is 6-10+ years old use both lithium-ion and lead acid UPS batteries 35% 26% 54% 21% say their oldest device is 6-10+ years old work 40-49 hours per week use both lithium-ion and lead acid UPS batteries have a server room infrastructure environment 29% 64% 40% 61% with 0-5 years’ experience work fewer than 40 hours per week use lithium-ion UPS batteries IT department size of 10 or more 31% 64% 52% 38% Retail Education I see… Healthcare 40% 30% 20% 10% Human Cylon How IT pros identify Fluent in Klingon Just a lover of space Itself On the Dark Side On the Light Side 26.61% 14.16% 38.51% 15.74% 3.28% 1.70% 0 Section 2: Water cooler talk A look at how IT pros spend their day. Their preferences, their fears, and—most importantly—whether they prefer Star Trek or Star Wars. Overall, IT pros reported that they spend “the right amount of time” innovating new solutions (38%), researching new products (47%) and maintaining servers (31%). Where does the time go… The Force is strong in IT Innovation time Researching time Maintaining servers 40% 50% 30% 20% 10% % of responses Basically none A little The right amount Too much Basically all 0 Time spent Space fandom Pineapple on pizza? Acceptable37.60% Ambrosia30.12% An abomination32.28% There’s a correlation between IT pros’ favorite Eaton desk toys and Hawaiian pizza. A Report of IT Insights At Eaton, we’ve always strived to get to know IT pros and their needs by listening to them directly. Recently we launched My IT Galaxy, a questionnaire-slash-infographic creator, where nearly 900 IT pros told us about their day-to-day realities, infrastructure, and stance on pizza toppings.Our survey included a spectrum of environments, organizations and industries, including education, healthcare, finance and retail. And so, a whole galaxy of IT insights was born. Here are some of the results. 1 Source: Spiceworks State of IT Report2 Source: Accenture Conclusion New IT pros are adding to our data set every day, so the galaxy of insights is always growing. If this data helped you compare your job to your peers, learn more about your industry, or help you make a purchasing decision, we’re glad you found it useful. Want to add your IT homeworld to the galaxy of IT Pros? Create your own custom planet, get your personalized infographic and compare yourself to your IT comrades. What about us? Eaton is a power management company that focuses on making IT pros’ lives easier and networks more resilient by providing uninterruptible power, power distribution and leading tools for power management that enable automation, connectivity and control. To learn more, visit Be one with the IT universe And power management nightmares… 55% reported that the oldest device in their network is 6 or more years old. 24% said it’s “practically steam-powered.” The single most-feared power issue overall? Blackouts. And old equipment biting the dust What’s keeping them up? Malware monsters under the bed… Section 3: Do IT pros dream of lithium-ion sheep? A look at what keeps IT pros up at night (and how much sleep they’re actually getting). Sleep is a precious commodity - Cyber threats ranked as the highest across the board. - Retail pros stress over upgrading infrastructures. - Healthcare pros are concerned with compliance. 20% 10% Cable-hungrysquirrels Blackouts Cyber-attacks on UPS network card Power surges Sulfur smell in IT room UPS batteries dying 13.93% 17.21% 11.44% 13.59% 18.23% 25.59% 0 % of responses Most-feared power problem 46.66% 16.31% 20.95% 11.33% 4.76% 6-7 hours 8-9 hours 4-5 hours What’s “sleep”? 10+ hours In 2018, the banking industry incurred the most cybercrime costs ($18.5M).2 One in four enterprises (1,000+ employees) are increasing 2020 IT spend due to a recent security incident.1