The making of the G3 Throne

The making of the Eaton ePDU G3 Throne
The gathering: We scoured our factories, offices and demo centers for left over and obsolete products.
We loaded up the minivan…
…And kept loading it up!
That’s a lot of rack PDUs! The throne incorporates 35 ePDUs.
We dropped everything off at an artist’s studio in downtown Raleigh, NC.
They got to work…
Serious tools were used
The throne begins to take shape
It’s got wheels! We are uncertain of its top speed though.
It’s comfortable!
Is it made out of iron? Valyrian steel?
No, some of the units are (castle-forged) steel and our newest ones are made from aluminum—30% lighter than steel.
Could a dragon’s breath melt it? We think so. Our new ePDU G3 models are rated to perform at temperatures up to 140°F.
Are those cool LCD screens made out of dragonglass? Yes, definitely.
The throne is 6’11” high—9 inches taller than Mike, who once sparred with The Hound and is a bannerman pledged to House Stark.
Everything was incorporated into the throne, recycled or sent to the Wall.
This is the artist, Lucas House. We think he did an amazing job! Iron House Forge Raleigh, NC
The final result
What is an ePDU?
A rack power distribution unit, or ePDU is a device that helps manage and distribute electrical power in data centers and server rooms.
  • Various types and quantities of electrical sockets
  • Advanced power monitoring, measurement and control
Large data centers often use thousand of ePDUs in a single facility.
Learn more: Download our quick guide to power distribution.