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congratulations TO our claw o-matic 2 grand prize winner.

Eaton is happy to announce that Amy McDermott is the Claw O-Matic 2 Grand Prize winner!

Amy is a consultant with her own business, Logistical Receivables, and lives in Verona WI. In addition to being our grand prize winner Amy also won the Chattering Teeth desk toy, a couple of t-shirts, and a 5SC UPS! Considering she played more than 240 times, she earned every bit of it.

Now Claw O-Matic 2 might be over, but don’t worry, we have something that might be even more fun—if that’s possible—in store for October. It’s called My IT Empire and it’s your chance to create a one-of-a-kind infographic about you, and your IT Empire. And, we’re even going to send you an oversized print of your creation, FREE! So don’t miss it.

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