The Week's Top IT Stories: 08/29

Each week, Eaton scours the Internet to bring you the top industry headlines of the moment. This week, Google is developing product delivery drones, the new iPhone appears to be getting NFC payment technology, and Dropbox matches Google's and Microsoft's pricing. See what else made our top headlines.

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LeBlanc’s Food Stores

LeBlanc's needed a space-saving, backup power solution to protect its point-of-sale terminals across Louisiana. The Eaton 3S UPS was the perfect fit.

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The Not So New News - Data Centers Pollute

Data centers are constantly in the news, which is not surprising given their importance to the digital age and the fact that they use a lot of energy. In part because of the global growth of digitization, the amount of electricity consumed by information technology and communications equipment is significantly increasing.

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I have an Eaton 3105 UPS. It has served very well up until last week, when we have a power failure or a blip the UPS doesn't keep the power continuously. It loses it for about 1 second and then it maintains it. Can you get me some ideas and also can I get a schematic for it. Thanks, Bob Weis

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Tech companies want to become "TV" companies - will they succeed?

In the “old days” (a.k.a. “5 or 6 years ago”) there was a difference between “technology companies” (Microsoft, Google, etc.) and “entertainment companies” (HBO, TV Networks, Time Warner, Hollywood movie studios). Some companies made technology and some companies made content.

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Overcoming eight common power management challenges

How intelligent, logical and complete power management solutions provide relief for some of today’s worst power-related headaches.

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Ed Spears

Ed is a product marketing manager for Eaton’s Critical Power Solutions.

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Jim Tessier

Jim is a product manager for Eaton single phase UPSs, power monitoring software and connectivity products.

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Professor Wattson

A retired college professor, Professor Wattson consults IT managers and customers in all aspects of IT power management.

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David Windsor

A mechanical engineer, David is a Project Manager for Eaton UPS products, currently for 5-11 kVA UPSs.

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