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3 Leadership Lessons from Darren Aronofsky, Director of “Noah”

Darren Aronofsky is a popular and critically acclaimed Hollywood film director (his previous movies have included Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, and Pi) who tends to tell stories about obsessive, high-performing people and dark visions of the world. 

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Pascack Data Services

Eaton 5PX and software proved “virtually” amazing for this data services firm.

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The Week's Top IT Stories: 04/18

Each week, Eaton scours the Internet to bring you the top industry headlines of the moment. This week, Google purchased a drone-maker, reports suggested that Facebook may be pursuing financial services, and NASA researchers located an Earth-size planet that may be habitable. See what else made our top headlines.   

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Foreseer is being installed at our Corporate sites. We are using in rack HP S132 PDU's. Our DC PDU's can read the utilization from the racks that are directly fed into them. However our new standard is to utilize Bus Ducts (A & B)that feed rows of racks from DC PDU's (1 &2). I thought I read a technical spec on Foreseer that it could communicate with an HP utility that can allow it to read the power utilization from a specific HP Server/device. Can I monitor individual servers with the HP utility and Foreseer in place in my environment? If so, what are the requirements? (Hardware/Software)

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4 Reasons Your Data Center UPS Needs a Regular Checkup

It wasn’t long ago that an uninterruptible power system (UPS) was often perceived as little more than a “battery in a box.” Traditionally tucking away the unobtrusive device in a rarely-visited closet or back corner, many data center managers scoffed at the notion of spending time and money to maintain the units.


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Optimizing Rack Power Distribution

Information is becoming the driving force behind many enterprises. If the data center falters, the business suffers. Learn how advanced rack power distribution units (PDUs) offer the precise monitoring to keep businesses up and running.

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Ed Spears

Ed is a product marketing manager for Eaton’s Critical Power Solutions.

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Jim Tessier

Jim is a product manager for Eaton single phase UPSs, power monitoring software and connectivity products.

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Professor Wattson

A retired college professor, Professor Wattson consults IT managers and customers in all aspects of IT power management.

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David Windsor

A mechanical engineer, David is a Project Manager for Eaton UPS products, currently for 5-11 kVA UPSs.

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