The Archiving Equation: Making a Case for the Money-Making Archive

It might seem intuitive to IT leaders that electronic archiving is a best-case practice for any business, but can your team show — with concrete examples — how archiving stands to generate returns on the infrastructure investment involved?

Let's look at some strategies that can turn these databases into tools, putting your department in the limelight for a powerful way to leverage the information you already retain.

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Case Study

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LeBlanc’s Food Stores

LeBlanc's needed a space-saving, backup power solution to protect its point-of-sale terminals across Louisiana. The Eaton 3S UPS was the perfect fit.

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Product Spotlight

The Week’s Top IT Stories: 10/17

Each week, Eaton scours the Internet to bring you the top industry headlines of the moment. This week Apple announced its mobile payment service release date, security researchers found a new security vulnerability called POODLE and Netsuite teamed up with Capgemini. See what else made our top headlines.

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Ask the Experts


My company recently purchased five Eaton 9130 1500va/1350w UPS units. When we installed them in cubicles and turned on, they became pretty loud from the backend fan unit. Is there a way to quiet the fan unit or is there another Eaton model that we should look at in purchasing that is equal in spec's to what we currently have and is quieter?

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Product Spotlight

Top Trends and Best Practices of BYOD

With many industry experts concluding that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device - when employees use personal smartphones and tablets for business purposes) is an inevitable shift in mobile workforce management, it’s critical not to get left behind.

Here, we take a quick look at the hottest new trends, as well as a few best practices you want to make sure you’re following, whether you have an existing policy in place or are considering launching BYOD.

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Thought Leadership

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Overcoming eight common power management challenges

How intelligent, logical and complete power management solutions provide relief for some of today’s worst power-related headaches.

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Ed Spears

Ed is a product marketing manager for Eaton’s Critical Power Solutions.

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Jim Tessier

Jim is a product manager for Eaton single phase UPSs, power monitoring software and connectivity products.

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Professor Wattson

A retired college professor, Professor Wattson consults IT managers and customers in all aspects of IT power management.

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David Windsor

A mechanical engineer, David is a Project Manager for Eaton UPS products, currently for 5-11 kVA UPSs.

Read more about David Windsor.
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